M.A.T. Consulting Group, LLC (MATCO) is a leading advocate for the increase of business opportunities for Minorities and Women-Owned Businesses in the underserved markets. We continue to see the future of our business population growth to be in sectors such as , but not limited to, Risk Management, Loan Origination, Automated Underwriting, IT, Application Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Secondary Markets, CRM, Title Settlement Services, and Mortgage Servicing.

Our Businesses Development team synchronizes trusted advisor relationships and strategic marketing opportunities in a manner that will maximize returns and achieve mutually beneficial results for our Clients. The team has a national contact network consisting of trusted advisors, real estate professionals, mortgage bankers, faith based groups and affinity partnerships that are leveraged in a strategic results driven focus.

We also identify and assist prospective Clients with attracting and retaining the products and services of Minorities and Women owned businesses. Additionally we assist in efforts from these same companies to attract and retain individual Minority and Women talent internally and externally to fill middle management and high level executive positions.

Lets Grow Partnerships